- Every lunch contains an entrée, two sides (one of which is typically something that could be considered dessert, depending on how sweet the chef is feeling) and a bottled water, along with a napkin and all required utensils.

- Either select the featured meal or, if you prefer, choose the alternative entree or any of the four additional sides (though to ensure a balanced meal, you must choose one from each column). We've specifically balanced each day's menu to ensure that whatever you choose, you'll get a nutritious, well-balanced lunch featuring fresh fruits and vegetables.

- Every lunch is $5.00, regardless of which options you choose. For convenience, you can order for as many days as you'd like up to four weeks in advance. The menus "roll" with the calendar, so you'll always see menus for the next four weeks of school.

- After selecting your meal(s), simply enter your credit card number and submit your order. We'll send you an email confirming your order.


- We accept Visa and MasterCard. Payments must be made at the time you place an order, as our school partners have asked us to please collect all the money.


- You can cancel your lunch by phone any time before 6 PM on the day before it's scheduled for delivery. If you're absent from school and didn't tell us, we're sorry, but we've prepared and delivered your lunch and we'll have to charge you.


- Brown Bag Natural lunches are delivered to schools on the same day they are prepared.

- We have been asked about home delivery, but haven't been able to figure out how to make it convenient and cost effective: To ensure your lunch is prepared on the day it's going to be eaten, we'd have to deliver before you leave for school. You'd have to worry about the dog barking when we pulled up or the neighbor's cat eating your lunch. We could wrap it in a protective cooler, but then we'd have to charge you more. Trust us, delivering to schools is cheaper and more convenient - and it gives us a great opportunity to support our schools.

- We're growing quickly, so tomorrow - Southern California, the next day - The World. If you'd like to see Brown Bag Naturals offered in your school and neighborhood, or if you want us to let you know when we will be available in your area, send us a note.

Food and Packaging Notes

- Lunches are packed like they were made at home, sealed in our signature brown bags (what else?)and labeled with your name and the contents of your meal. Items that would make a mess in the bottom of the bag (dips, yogurt, lasagna) are placed in leak-proof plastic containers or bags. All lunch items are meant to be eaten cold or at room temperature.

- To ensure the highest quality and freshness, all prepared items are made the day that they're delivered. I

- Meals may contain single-serving Pantry Partner items that meet our nutritional guidelines and which have passed muster from our Expert Tasting Panel.

- We make every attempt to use locally-grown produce, so the menus will reflect seasonal changes in the market.

- Many of the items in Brown Bag lunches may include nuts, dairy products and other items that may cause allergic reactions We are not responsible for allergic reactions to any food items. If you have ideas for improving the menu, please let us know.